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Curriculum Guides:

Curriculum Guides

The Henry’s Education Department offers curriculum guides to help teachers integrate art into the classroom. Based on past exhibitions and the Henry collection, the guides are adaptable for most grades. If you are combining your use of a guide with a a visit to the Henry find out about touring the museum with your group

Each guide is available for purchase or a two-week loan without charge. Please call 206.616.9695 or email to purchase or borrow a curriculum guide.


  • After Art: Rethinking 150 Years of Photography

    An exploration of the history of photography from 19th-century vintage photographs to contemporary abstraction, this guide provides fresh approaches for looking at photography.

  • Chinese Court Costume: Color, Form and Symbolism

    An exploration of court dress during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and its intriguing vocabulary of symbols, this guide is an excellent introduction to historical China, and providing ways to explore universal symbols in dress.

  • Enchanted Threads: Exploring India Through its Textiles

    This guide gives a comprehensive overview of the form, pattern, color and weaving methods of India’s textiles using examples from the Henry’s celebrated textile collection.

  • Gene(sis): Contemporary Art Explores Human Genomics

    Geared for use in middle and high schools, this guide uses art and science in combination to explore the implications of recent genetics research, bioethics and the study of the human genome. This unique focus is presented in a series of creative, interdisciplinary lessons.

  • How Art Creates Places: Public Art on the University of Washington Campus

    An engaging introduction to the University of Washington through its art, this guide explores four types of public art. It also provides a unique walking tour of campus that combines well with a visit to the Henry.

    Learn more about art on the University of Washington Campus

  • Inside Out: New Chinese Art

    Focusing on China’s recent social and political situation through the eyes of its contemporary artists, this guide richly integrates art and social studies.

  • Inspiring Vision: Looking at Photography

    This guide provides an outline of the visual thinking process, a method for looking at art using critical thinking skills and discussion. Using a series of comparisons between photographs that illuminates artistic concepts, the guide explores such elements as composition, balance, emphasis and interpretation in art.

  • Modern Masters and the Figure: From Picasso to deKooning

    A look at the work of preeminent modern masters through their interpretation of the figure, this guides explores a wide range of artists, media and styles of the 20th century.

  • Myth of the West

    Using masterpieces from national collections, this guide explores the settlement of the American West through art. It provides an excellent integration of art and social studies as well as a cultural inquiry into how early images of the West have helped form our national identity.

  • Shifting Ground: Transformed Views of the American Landscape

    Illuminating how our American landscape has been changed by technological development over the last 150 years, this guide features important works of American art, from 19th-century painting and photography to modern and contemporary work.