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Learning On View:


A rotating series highlighting select works from the Henry’s permanent collection, VIEWPOINTS offers three perspectives by UW faculty exploring how these art pieces can inspire and provoke new dialogues and thoughts.

Currently on view

Sol LeWitt’s Red, Yellow, Blue and Gray Squares, Bordered By a Black Band (1989) are now hanging in our mezzanine. These four aquatint prints by LeWitt (U.S., 1928–2007), are exactly as the title describes, a colored square (red, yellow, blue or gray) surrounded by a black border.

Prioritizing idea over craftsmanship, LeWitt saw the artist in a role similar to that of an architect, who designs a building but does not build it. Fascinated by the multiplicity of things that can be generated by a simple idea, LeWitt developed his artistic vocabulary from basic geometric structures and their transformation. By exploring a range of possibilities in a logical, preset sequence, he used these fundamental elements to create repeated modular units or series.

LeWitt’s four prints are displayed alongside the voices of UW faculty members Rachel Clarke, Pre-doctoral Lecturer, Information School; Huck Hodge, Assistant Professor in Composition, School of Music; and Jay F. Neitz, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology. These three were specifically selected to respond to LeWitt’s artwork based on their research and teaching interests.


Watch this space!